Low Profile Airport Barricades

Allison Enterprise offers the first low profile airport barricades specifically designed for airport runway construction. Since 1999 airports worldwide have used Low Profile Airport Barricades to warn pilots of hazardous construction zones and ensure traveler safety. Our AR10X96 low profile barricades can be ordered with orange and white reflective sheeting and can hold up to 2 flashing red lights per section. Allison Enterprise's low profile barricades are 100% FOD free when interconnected. The low profile airport barricades can withstand jet blasts without the use of sand bags.

CO1 SolarLight

Easy-to-Install Lights

Our specially-designed C01 lights take just seconds to install since they screw right into the barricade fill holes. Our new lights have a track record as being highly-dependable when used in conjunction with our barricades!


As a durability test, the AR10x96 O V.2 was filled with water, raised by a forklift and dropped to the pavement. When dropped from a height of 18 feet, the barricade sustained a tremendous impact without breaking. See videos below. The barricade was also rammed by a forklift and also did not sustain damage. Pretty cool, huh? Let's see our competitors do this!

Crowd Control Barricade

Meets requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2F

Allison Enterprise has low profile airport barricades for purchase and for rent. We also have Airport Runway Closure Markers available for rental and for purchase. Please call us for rental prices on Airport Runway Closure Markers and Low profile barricades. Our Airport Traffic Control Products are manufacturered in the United States.

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